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Piano, Keyboard
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Om Shahin H. K.

Shahin is an engineer who has always been living with music in his whole life. He started to play Piano at eleven and it became an inseparable part of his life ever since. He has five years of experience in teaching at music schools for students at age five to eighteen and playing Piano and Melodica in receptions.
To him, playing Piano and the sound of it has always been a moment of joy and happiness and now it is a way to express my feelings and to communicate to other people. We will practice together to learn how to play by emotions and not only by sheets.

In the classes, you will learn how to play Piano and Melodica. In general, your lessons will focus on:
• Theory of music
• Learning notes base on sheets and voice
• Finger techniques
• Playing sheets and methods
• Learning different chords
• Rhythm exercises
Every lesson includes a part for theory, a part for techniques and a part for playing methods and sheets. Shahin has two different methods for teaching based on your age and how many years you have been playing: One for students at age five to ten (basically the beginners, with most concentration on the theory of music and finger techniques), and another one for age ten to eighteen (assumed as intermediate students along with practicing classical piano sheets). The plan for teaching is also different for each student and his/her goal.

First lesson
Based on each student’s level, Shahin might have a different first class, but usually you will first go through the theory of music and getting familiar with sheets, notes and symbols and then you will concentrate on how to play different methods with improving your technique skills.

Shahin teaches most classical lessons and have most experience in Pop.

Not all of us are expert at the beginning! We can start together step by step, starting with getting familiar with the sound of each note, the place of notes on piano, how to play on rhythm with metronome and what are the main characteristics of a piano sheet. We make playing piano an interesting and enjoyable habit together as long as you have passion for learning.

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Fra 189,60 NOK / 30 min.

I prisen er det medregnet 20% rabatt på klippekort.

Anbefalinger av Shahin H. K. 5

John K.

Oprettet den 11/01/22

Shahin er en veldig hyggelig og strukterert pianolærerer. Er 100% tilstede i undervisningen og har en klar plan for utviklingen. Veldig fornøyd med at jeg fant Shahin her.

Andreas T.

Oprettet den 26/04/22

Jeg har hatt veldig god fremgang med Shahin. Han har klare planer for timen, og setter gode mål. Han behersker i tillegg insturmentet veldig godt, og har gode pianokunnskaper.

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