Om Marco

My name is Marco and I am a professional guitarist and teacher from Italy.
I'm 28 years old and I have been living in Oslo since last year 2021.

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in popular music performance at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance of London (ICMP) in 2018. Since my graduation I have been a professional guitarist touring all over Europe and performed overseas in USA onboard cruise ships for 2 years.
After travelling so much I've decided to finally settle down here in Oslo and share my musical abilities and experiences through teaching.

What can I teach you?

If you are a beginner we'll get started going through all the basic guitar concepts such as
- Chords
- Notes
- Triads
- Scales
- Basic Fretboard knowledge
(I know It's painful but it is necessary) :)

Said so, my main goal is for you to learn while having as much fun as possible and to be motivated, so after going through the basics you'll let me know what you want to mostly focus on and we'll adjust the lesson accordingly.

If for example you like Blues, your lesson would look something like;
- Warm up and recap of last lesson
- Specific Blues song - ex. "The Thrill Is Gone"
- Blues techniques - ex. Bending and vibrato
- Blues scales - ex. Pentatonic scales
- Bluesy Chords - ex. Dominant 7 and Dominant 9
Of course, this applies to whatever genres you like and it might be more than 1 :)

If you are not a beginner the process is slightly different, so I will have to asses your level at the first meeting and build a custom lesson plan that is tailored upon your overall level and preferences.

Please get in touch if you want more info or if you have any specific questions :)


Fra 480,00 NOK / 60 min.

I prisen er det medregnet 20% rabatt på klippekort.

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Spesialisert i rock Spesialisert i Blues Spesialisert i jazz Spesialisert i pop Underviser i improvisasjon Spesialisert i rytmisk musikk

Most often it starts here:

Svartid 19 t. og 48 min.


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Most often it starts here:

Svartid 19 t. og 48 min.

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